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These days when every marketer comes up with a different method, we can guess that your head is exactly 🤯 like that while looking for the most suitable strategy for yourself. In this article, we have compiled some strategies that you should not skip in this process, where your mind, which is clean and focused only on your product or service, is open to learning.  We think it is worth reading to eliminate your confusion to some extent 😉


  1. Storytelling: No matter what, make use of the stories with all your might. In every field you can think of – including quantum physics – events are only memorable if they are told in the form of stories.  People only remember stories with which they have an emotional connection. Therefore, when promoting your brand, create a story from your experiences. Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the leading figures in marketing, points out that in the current attention-deficit economy, great storytelling will set you apart from the rest
  2. Interactive Marketing: Every potential customer is also your advertising showcase. Therefore, you can utilise opportunities for them to get on that showcase. Interactive content such as surveys, competitions, interactive videos, and quizzes can connect your customers to your brand and encourage them to talk about your brand.  For example, Google, with its doodles specially prepared for each country, allows its users to have interactive experiences by the special meaning of that day.
  3. Social Media Marketing: Although the current users are uncles and aunts nowadays, every person first entered the world of social media with Facebook. Nowadays, we use Instagram for our posts and LinkedIn as it is now to get information about our business. Social media has become a powerful platform where brands can communicate directly with their target audience. As we explained at the beginning, different social media platforms are preferred for each purpose and group. Therefore, you can take a step by choosing the most suitable platform for your product or service. The important thing is to adapt to the language of the platform you are on.
  4. E-Mail Marketing: Although some say that e-mail marketing is over, e-mail marketing provides effective communication by sending direct and personalized messages to your brand’s target audience. Email newsletters, especially those sent with the permission of your customers, can include information ranging from new products to campaigns, discounts to event announcements. You can use email marketing to increase customer loyalty and encourage sales. However, the emails you send must be valuable and interesting and not perceived as spam.
  5. SEO and Content Marketing: Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing are powerful tools to increase your brand’s online visibility. Content marketing aims to attract the attention of your target audience by producing valuable content. SEO makes your content more visible in search engines. You can strengthen your brand’s online presence by producing content in various formats such as blog posts, video content, infographics, and social media posts. The famous marketer Neil Patel made the analogy that content marketing and SEO are complementary elements of each other, such as a good restaurant being successful with good food and service.

Each method offers different strategies for each person. While these methods have brought some of them to the top, some may not even have created a movement. The important thing is to know your brand well and to customize and promote the information you have obtained during the learning process. 

Thanks to these techniques, you can strengthen your brand’s marketing efforts and communicate more effectively with your target audience. You can achieve success by adapting each strategy to your business model and goals. Remember, marketing is a constant learning process and trial and error, so be brave and don’t be afraid to try new strategies!


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